Co-organised by: Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata” (under the DEXTEROUS project) and the Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics (RCAAM) of the Academy of Athens


The decision to organize this meeting was taken after noting that there has been since long a number of groups developing diverse symbolic tools or computer-algebraic methods for implementing Hamiltonian perturbation theory in various contexts of mathematical or physical interest. These methods have already reached a state of maturity, and their implementation has yielded a number of results of particular importance both in the theory and in the applications of Hamiltonian systems. Our aim is to assemble together colleagues, in order to discuss these developments, their own work, as well as future prospects in this promising field of research.


  • Analytical and semi-analytical methods
  • Study of convergence – accumulation of small divisors
  • Computer-algebraic techniques, special manipulators and computational environments
  • Computations of quasi-integrals of motion
  • Invariant manifolds – Reduction to the center manifold
  • Weakly chaotic diffusion: convex and non-convex cases, multiple resonances, degenerate Hamiltonians
  • From local to global analysis


  • Dynamical astronomy: restricted three-body problem, multi-body problems, space manifold dynamics, satellite dynamics, extrasolar planetary systems
  • Atoms and molecules, characterization of bound states, semiclassical methods, dissociation dynamics
  • Dynamics on non-linear lattices, FPU model
  • Galactic dynamics: periodic orbits, spiral structure, triaxial potentials

Scientific Organizing Committee:

C.Efthymiopoulos (RCAAM, Academy of Athens), M.Guzzo (Università di Padova), A.Jorba (University of Barcelona), U.Locatelli (Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”), G.Pucacco (Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”), Ph.Robutel (IMCCE).

Local Organizing Committee:

C.Efthymiopoulos, M.Harsoula, A.Matsoukas, A.Pouri, S.Menenakou, Th.Tzemos, M.Zoulias


  1. Eduardo Andrade-Ines
  2. Giulio Baù
  3. Luca Biasco
  4. Alessandra Celletti
  5. Helen Christodoulidi
  6. George Contopoulos
  7. Konstantinos Efstathiou
  8. Christos Efthymiopoulos
  9. Ariadna Farres
  10. Fabien Gachet
  11. Catalin Gales
  12. Antonio Giorgilli
  13. Ioannis Gkolias
  14. Giovanni Gronchi
  15. Massimiliano Guzzo
  16. Heinz Hanßmann
  17. Alex Haro
  18. Mirella Harsoula
  19. Angel Jorba
  20. Marc Jorba-Cuscó
  21. Christoph Lhotka
  22. Anne-Sophie Libert
  23. Ugo Locatelli
  24. Antonella Marchesiello
  25. Stefano Marò
  26. Laurent Niederman
  27. Rocio Paez
  28. Fabrizio Paita
  29. Jesus Palacian
  30. Simone Paleari
  31. Giuseppe Pucacco
  32. Philippe Robutel
  33. Aaron Rosengren
  34. Marco Sansottera
  35. Kleomenis Tsiganis
  36. Mara Volpi
  37. Holger Waalkens
  38. Patricia Yanguas

If you wish to attend the meeting please contact us in the following e-mails: